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Smartphone children microscope for little explorers

  • Ideal introduction to the world of microscopy: Handy children's microscope for children from seven years on
  • Up to 26x magnification of insects, objects or everyday objects
  • Create great close-ups and share them with friends 

    Microscopy with your Smartphone!

    Which child is not surprised when he or she can suddenly look at tiny ants or other insects in a big way?With the new smartphone children's microscope, which is assembled by the children themselves before use, young researchers from the age of seven can discover small things in a big way.

    Whether in nature, in the children's room or in everyday life: tomorrow's scientists can enlarge objects through the smartphone magnifying glass, view them on the smartphone and then save and send them directly. In this way, they can take great pictures of insects or objects.

    Thanks to the high-quality lens, the magnification of the children's microscope can capture things at up to 26x magnification. With the help of a built-in vacuum pad, the smartphone is fixed reliably and without glue on the microscope. Operation is child's play.

    Here's how it works:

    Assemble the child's microscope, attach the smartphone using a vacuum pad, place any object under the microscope, activate the camera on the smartphone, take pictures and then share the great close-ups with pleasure. Simply ingenious!

    Handy Magnifier is compatible with all types of smartphones. Due to its handy size it fits perfectly in children's hands and can be taken along without any problems when travelling. The components can be combined with all fischertechnik components.


    Concepts learnt

    • Assemble the children's microscope according to the step-by-step assembly instructions and attach the smartphone to the vacuum pad.
    • The vacuum pad works without glue and therefore leaves no traces on the smartphone.
    • Place any object under the magnifying glass, switch on the smartphone camera, enlarge selected objects, examine, view and then save them on the smartphone.


    HK$ 164.00