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Measure speed of sound through air and other materials. The Speed Of Sound Sensors can either be used to listen to heart beats or to measure speed of sound through air and other materials.  This pack contains 2 Stethoscope Sensors.


Measuring Sound Of Sound    

The bell structure of the Stethoscope sensor is more effective in isolating the sounds being recorded from the environment and makes collection of the data simple and repeatable


Practical Teaching

The SmartQ Speed of Sound Sensor can be used to investigate the speed of sound through different mediums such as:

  • Air
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Water


Download Stethoscope Manual and Experiments Doc No.: DS093 | Issue: 4 


2x (3176) Stethoscope Sensor
Transmission of Sound ±1000 mV filtered & unfiltered
Stethoscope ±100 mV filtered & unfiltered




Speed of sound In air With stethoscope sensor (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
This is a variation of the two sound sensor measurement practical. It uses two electronic stethoscope sensors as sound detectors.

Speed of sound through a liquid using Stethoscope sensors. (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
The experiments described in the practical sheets use a method not dissimilar to the one used by William Derham in late 17th early 18th century.

Speed of sound through a solid (using a Stethoscope sensor) (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
the flat surface of the stethoscope makes them ideal for placing onto the flat surfaces of table tops, floors, doors, glass windows. Measurement of speed of sound is by time difference, As a bonus the stethoscope does show the sound hallmark of the material.

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