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Fun learning,that sticks

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FlashSticks® are language vocabulary sticky notes, designed to help you rapidly learn the most commonly used English words. Stick the notes up in convenient places around you and FlashSticks® will prompt your continued learning as you naturally go about your daily routine.

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Simply hover your tablet or smartphone over any FlashStick note and, hey presto, one of our tutors will pop up and show you exactly how to pronounce the word you’re struggling with.

1-minute Overview


4- minutes "What teacher said about FlashSticks"



2-minutes English Beginner FlashSticks Intro

  • 100 unique English Post-it® Notes
  • Includes 12 language translations on each note: French, Spanish, German, Polish, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese, Urdu, Portuguese, Russian, Punjabi, Hindi
  • Beginner level: suitable for adult and child learners new to English
  • Key Stage 1-2/ Adult A1-A2
  • Supported by our free app, with video tutor (for pronunciations)
  • Simply stick’n’learn a few new words each day

Topics covered

  • Daily Routine
  • Home & Family
  • Body & Fashion
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Nature & Town
  • Work & Education
  • Verbs & Phrases

    FlashSticks are custom printed Post-it® Notes from 3M

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    for Primary school

    for Secondary school


    By Ms Chan Wing Yin, Mr Yan Ka Chun and Mr Tong Kwong Chiu from Lam Tai Fai College in Chinese (Cantonese)

    1. What is Flashsticks ? (3 mins)
    2. Technical preparation prior to using in the classroom (1.5 mins)
    3. How the lesson is conducted (7 mins)
    4. What differences do Flashsticks made to the lesson (9 mins)
    5. Q & A (6 mins)

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