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Product Description

The Stethoscope Sensor Pack contains a SmartQ Stethoscope Sensor and a conventional binaural stethoscope to help students to locate their heart manually and so find the best position for the sensor.


Using the Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a listening bell designed to amplify the sounds created by the heart as it beats. In the hands of a trained diagnostician the sounds and the location of the sounds can reveal valuable information about the heart before invasive investigations are started.

The conventional stethoscope is used to listen to the heart or circulatory sounds. The Stethoscope sensor is then used to record the heart sounds and the echoes of the beat in the circulation. With the addition of an ECG sensor and a Heart wave sensor a full physiology of the heart cycle can be recorded and analysed.

The sensor has a diaphragm held onto the sounding bell by a screw ring. The diaphragm increases the intensity of low frequency sound detection, if the diaphragm is removed the higher frequency sounds of the heart beat are detected.


Extra Information

The sensor needs to be in contact with the skin for the best response. The best results will come from a logger that can record at an intersample time of 2 ms or faster.


Download Stethoscope Manual and Experiments Doc No.: DS093 | Issue: 4 


1x (3176) Stethoscope Sensor
Transmission of Sound ±1000 mV filtered & unfiltered
Stethoscope ±100 mV filtered & unfiltered
1x (3178) Audio Stethoscope
1 x soft foam




Heart sounds (stethoscope) (Biology (14-18) eBook)
Heart sounds are traditionally described as lub – dub, an attempt to create an onomatopoeic representation of the sounds. The stethoscope sensor records an audiogram of the heart sounds.

Heart Monitoring, sound, ECG, pulse (Biology (14-18) eBook)
This is a more complex investigation, but well worth the effort. It offers many teaching possibilities. Record heart sound, ECG and uncalibrated pressure profile in one data set. Good for analysis and understanding the linked data of a heart beat.



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