Successful Leadership in the Early Years

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Successful Leadership in the Early Years
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Author: June O'Sullivan

June O'Sullivan is chief executive of the London Early Years Foundation. An inspiring international speaker and regular media commentator she champions the importance of high quality childcare services. 

In line with British government initiatives, there is growing pressure within the early years sector to create staff who can lead different types of childcare and family settings in order to address two main government targets. Firstly, reducing poverty among families with small children and secondly, increasing educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to give them a better start in life. Many say that for this to happen we need people who can lead an effective team of capable, professional colleagues. This is no easy task in the modern Early Years market. June O'Sullivan, Chief Executive of LEYF, acknowledges the problems and provides ideas and suggestions to address the issues facing leaders so that they are supported to lead us into a future where we can all help make a big difference for a long time.

Chapter 1 The Journey to Successful Leadership
Chapter 2 Leadership Know-How
Chapter 3 Leading Change
Chapter 4 Overcoming Leadership Challenges
Chapter 5 Developing the Pedagogical Leader
Chapter 6 Leading to Involve Parents
Chapter 7 Developing New Leaders
Chapter 8 The Social Entrepreneur: Leading a Childcare Enterprise
Chapter 9 Leading with your Governors and Trustees
Chapter 10 Leading the Way

“An excellent book for existing and aspiring leaders across the early years… it's refreshing to have a frank, plain English overview of a very complex area. I could immediately identify with many of the challenges and scenarios this book presents, and the activities contained make it a resource that can really be brought to life to develop leadership across the early years. A real pleasure to read.” –  Julie Kirk, Director of Early Childhood at the Department for Education, Australia

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