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News to Open Minds.

THE DAY is a daily news service for use in schools, colleges and homes.  

In our newsroom editors select the most important news of the day.  Our journalists write news analysis and features every day.  Each day of term our articles are published for schools around the world.  our nightly email goes out with links to all our stories and features.

The Day is Current Affairs for Schools.  Young people learn to think for themselves and engage with the world.   Features the most important daily news. Each story finishes in two views.   Tagged to curriculum subjects.  "Big issues" takes a deeper look at major events and forces changing our world. We always include activities, debating points and ideas for further research. 

 THE DAY now has a section dedicated to IB topics.


5 minutes overview


Overview in Chinese


Teachers use THE DAY in class, assembly and form time.

Families discuss the stories at home.

Young people learn to think for themselves and engage with the world


Use our selection of posters and resources to introduce the service to teachers, students, parents and governors right across your school community

Go to THE DAY for details

Watch the webinar for a quick overview of The Day.


  • Part 1 - Log-in basic structure (3 mins)
  • Part 2 - New article examples (7 mins)
  • Part 3 - Subject Homepage (11 mins)
  • Part 4 - Daily Headlines (5 mins)


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