The Little Book of Bags, Boxes & Trays

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The Little Book of Bags, Boxes & Trays
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About The Little Book of Bags, Boxes & Trays

Children love containers, and this book uses many different sorts to extend children's natural interests in collecting, sorting, transporting and filling bags, boxes and trays. Weaving, maths, pattern, language, stories and exploration are all included.

Lynne Clere

Lynn began her first year in teaching as an Early Years Co-ordinator. In 2002 she became the Network Support teacher in Staffordshire's first Early Years Centre. Her role was to support centre staff and the staff in its four satellite nurseries promoting good practice and raising standards in teaching, learning and professional development. She worked for five years as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University teaching degree courses for Early Years professionals and then in 2004 began consultancy work - presenting workshops for Surestart parents carers and professionals.

Writes: Cross-curricular Teaching, Little Books

Author of : The Little Book of Bags, Boxes & Trays

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