The Little Book of Circle Time

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The Little Book of Circle Time
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About The Little Book of Circle Time

If you are just starting to plan circle time activities or just want some ideas for the youngest children, this book is ideal. It explores the first stages of circle time through easily planned activities with extensions for the children who are ready for them.

Dawn Roper

Dawn Roper began her career as an early years teacher, and now teaches in Year 2 and is literacy coordinator. She is an advanced skills teacher and has teaching and learning responsibility for creative learning and drama for schools within her area. She lives in South Yorkshire.

Dawn is an educational writer driving the enthusiasm to getting back to the heart of the creative curriculum, making every moment in a child's learning fun and memorable for the child. Dawn has been widely published and is a regular contributor to education magazines. She is the author of the Little Book of Circle Time and the Little book of celebrations from the best-selling series by Featherstone Education.

Writes: Characteristics of Effective Learning, Little Books, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Mathematics

Author of : The Little Book of Circle Time, The Little Book of Time & Money

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