The Little Book of Sequencing Skills

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The Little Book of  Sequencing Skills
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About The Little Book of Sequencing Skills

The activities and suggestions in The Little Book of Sequencing Skills will help you and the children in your care to explore a range of creative ways to develop sequencing skills. The ability to sequence events and objects is essential for young children's learning and the ability to put thoughts and actions into sequence is important for the development many competencies. Sequencing skills are often associated with communication and literacy but the ability to predict 'what will come next,' whether it be in a mathematical pattern, following instructions, understanding patterns of letters and sounds, or understanding the consequences of actions is imperative across all areas of learning. There are many ways of developing sequencing skills. This book hopes to offer the early years practitioner a variety of practical, creative ways to help with the understanding, recognition and manipulation of sequences and to do so within the context of a variety of areas of learning.

Keri Finlayson

Keri Finlayson is a poet and literacy tutor from South Wales. Previously a teacher, she has taught children across the age range in England, Northern Ireland and South Wales and has postgraduate qualifications in early years literacy and language acquisition. She is particularly interested in literacy development in the early years and the capacity of poetry to enhance cognitive and social development, while being enormous fun.
She is the author of Poems for the Foundation Stage (Featherstone)

Keri also writes for adults, having poems published in poetry magazines in England and Wales In 2005 she was the recipient of an Academi Welsh Arts Council New Writer's bursary. Her collection Rooms is forthcoming with Shearsman in May 2009.

Writes: Early Years, Cross-curricular Teaching, Little Books, Communication and Language, Characteristics of Effective Learning, Literacy

Author of : The Little Book of Building Vocabulary, The Little Book of Sequencing Skills, Let's talk about Farms, Let's talk about Toys, Let's talk about Weather, Let's talk about Parks, The Little Book of Making Poetry

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