Three Little Pigs _A Noisy Picture Book



Three Little Pigs _A Noisy Picture Book
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About Three Little Pigs

Take a great story and lots of silly sounds, mix with a happy helping of children, and you have a recipe for a Kaye Umansky Noisy Picture Book. Riotously funny retellings of favourite tales as you have never heard them before.

Mummy Pig waves goodbye to her three little trotters as they sing themselves off down the road to build new homes. What a din they make with their straw, sticks and bricks and what a gale the Wolf blows up when they won't let him into their proud little houses. But the Three Little Pigs have the noisiest last laugh for all to join in.

Kaye Umansky

Kaye Umansky taught in London primary schools for twelve years, specialising in music and drama, before becoming a full-time writer. Kaye is that rare thing - a truly funny writer who taps directly into children's imaginations. We published her first novel, Pongwiffy, which shot onto the bestseller lists and became a TV series, and she has since written countless books, poems and playscripts. Kaye lives in north London.

Writes: Musical Packs, Performance Licences, Songbooks, Humour, Fiction

Author of : Kaye Umansky's Robin Hood, Kaye Umansky's Robin Hood Performance Licence (No Admission Fee), Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Hen, Three Little Pigs, The Dreadful Dragon, TALES FROM WITCHWAY WOOD: Crash 'n' Bang, Clover Twig and the Perilous Path, Pongwiffy and the Spellovision Song Contest, Pongwiffy and the Pantomime, Pongwiffy and the Holiday of Doom, Pongwiffy and the Spell of the Year, Pongwiffy and the Goblins' Revenge, Pongwiffy A Witch of Dirty Habits, Pongwiffy Back on Track, Clover Twig and the Incredible Flying Cottage

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