Unimat ML MetalLine Technic (6 in 1)

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Product Description

For more Precision

Slides, tailstock and intermediate pieces are composed of metal, manufactured and treated on cutting-edge CNC machines for perfect alignment. This guarantees a high level of precision despite the modularity of all machines.

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The UNIMAT MetalLine excels in model making, technical education, as well as in industrial use with features like:

  •  enhanced stability and precision of the entire system
  • modular structure and easy handling
  • lowest tolerances due to precisely fitting bearing seats
  • true-running accuracy through dust protected industrial ball bearings
  • re-adjustable backlash and adjustable dovetail guides
  • flat milled, grinded and matched components
  • increased wall thickness of the profiles (torsion resistant and stable)
  • metal zero-adjustable hand wheels (0.05mm scale)

    The UNIMAT MetalLine allows for the building of the following machine variations:


    With distance between centers of 90 mm (optionally expandable), swingover bed of 50 mm and equipped with a twoposition tool post aluminum, brass, copper and other materials can be processed precisely. With the 3-jaw chuck work pieces with ø up to 56 mm (internal) and 65 mm (external) can be clamped.
    Travel: Z-axis 145 mm, X-axis 32 mm

    Vertical Mill / Drill



    Two slides are used for the set-up of the cross table, the third slide is used for the Z-axis. With the hand wheels, holes can be drilled at exact positions and with  exact depth.
    Travel X-axis 145 mm, Y- and Z-axis 32 mm. Collets with a clamping range from 1 to 6 mm.

    Horizontal Mill

    Using 3 slides allows for processing work pieces 3-dimensionally. Travel: X-axis 145 mm, Y- and Z-axis 32 mm (optionally expandable).

    Collets with a clamping range from 1 to 6 mm.

    Center Drill Machine


     With the precision collets, tool bits from 1 to 6 mm can be inserted into the tailstock. The tailstock sleeve allows for a precise travel of 30 mm. The hand wheel with 0.05 mm scale guarantees perfect drilling results and exact depth-control.

    Handheld Drill 手鑽/


    Handheld Drill: For drilling and milling bits with shank diameters1 to 6 mm.

    Handheld Sander: With a 50 mm sanding disk also suitable for places hard to reach.


    Contents [No. 160 200]

    Machine bed 271 mm + 140 mm, 12 V motor, 12 V safety adaptor, headstock, tailstock, 2x cross slides 90 mm, longitudinal slide 200 mm, metal intermediate pieces, metal-3 jaw chuck, 10 precision collets from 1 to 6 mm, stabilization plates, steel face plate, stabilizing angle, precision live center etc.

    For upgrading UNIMAT 1 BASIC or CLASSIC all MetalLine parts are available as accessories. Extensions like various milling heads ground steel-chucks, dividing attachment allow for upgrading the MetalLine at one‘s pleasure – even upgrading to CNC is easily possible. See accessories catalogue [VS1 606].


    Visit the official web site for upgrade suggestions



    Motor 20.000 rpm, 12 VDC
    Headstock       M12x1, 8 mm hole through spindle            
    Reduction 6:1 or 2,3:1
    (3.333 or 8.696 rpm)
    Slides 2 cross slides (30 mm),
    1 longitudinal slide (145 mm travel),     
    screw pitch 1 mm
    Tailstock M12x1,
    30 mm sleeve travel
    Adaptor 110-240V/50-60Hz,12V DC, 2A



    Download the manual from here

    Includes all parts in full-metal to build one out of these machines:

    • metal lathe • horizontal milling machine • vertical drilling machine • woodturning lathe  • center drilling machine • jig saw  • sanding machine • handdrill or handsander

    incl. safety adaptor 14V/100-240V, precision collets + live center, stabilizing plates, drill, milling head, chisel, screws, tools,...


    • steel-vice
    • tool grinder
    • safety glasses,
    • wooden base-board with slide stops and 2 micro clamps,
    • wood-working set with metal tool rest,
    • 10 saw blades
    HK$ 9,500.00


    Education version