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Vernier adaptor
Product Description

The SmartQ Vernier adaptor has been designed to provide the calibration tables and connection for compatible Vernier DIN analogue sensors to an EasySense unit. Vernier’s DIN range of sensors has 5-pin DIN plugs for use with the ULI and Serial Box Interface.
For a detailed sensor compatibility chart, please see the user manual available from the Resources tab.
Vernier produces the same range of sensors with British Telecom type connectors - BTA analogue sensors (for use with the LAB Pro, CBL & CBL2 loggers).

These can also be used with the SmartQ Vernier adaptor if connected via a BTA to DIN adaptor (supplied by Vernier).

Note: This does not apply to BTA sensors that do not have a DIN equivalent that is included in the compatibility list or the Vernier stainless steel Temperature probe (TMP-BTA) which is unsuitable for use with the BTA-DIN adaptor.

For use with Vernier DIN type analogue sensors.


Compatible Sensors
Doc No.: 3051 | Issue: 1

Vernier Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS037 | Issue: 4

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