Wildlife Garden Activity Tin

Teacher's Guide + Accessories



Product Description

The Wildlife Activity Tin contains a number of accessories to use with the Wildlife Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot mat.     

  • Offers planned, intentional teaching of vocabulary
  • A progressive, considered method to narrow the word gap
  • Includes subject knowledge support for teachers

Including 6 character jackets, 20 prop pieces and 10 activity card relating to the mat.

Quick and easy to get started with when planing time is limited. 


Tin Topics Subjects Covered
Wildlife Incy Wincy Spider Computing, Literacy, Music
Bird Watch Computing, Art, Science
Snails and Adders Computing, Maths, Science
Lifecycle of a Frog Computing, Science, Music
Animal Bar Chart Computing, Maths, Science
Mini Beast Hunt Computing, Literacy
Buzzing Bee-Bots Computing, Maths, Science
Ladybird, Ladybird Computing, Maths, Literacy
Lifecycle of a butterfly Computing, Art, Science
In a spider spin Computing, Art, Maths, Science


HK$ 308.00