Wonder:Kit: Hover:bit

Add-on to Wonderkit: Start pack


Product Description

Class kit of 10 sets, for 20 students, or Single set.

Make your own micro:bit hovercraft with the templates and learn about both geometry, symmetry and problem-solving. This is an exciting kit for both young and adults and it can lead to many different versions, like the catamaran, boat, and more. The template is made for educational use with 3 different levels. 

*Wonder: Starter pack  is required to use this kit


Fast, agile and educational

  • Code using block, Python or JavaScript 
  • Maker friendly 
  • Design and construct
  • 3D-printable
  • Experience the physics with frictionless movement
  • Learn mathematics with problem-based challenges

This kit includes: 

  • 10 Hover:bit educational templates
  • 259 Wood parts, high-quality plywood 
  • 72 Rubber rings
  • 40 Drone electric motors
  • 80 Propellers
  • 594 Screws and nuts
  • 30 Zip-bags
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • Multiple projects available online
  • Instructions (PDFs and videos)


    Please refer to the Air:bit product page for more information.
    This Wonder:kit Add-on is ideal if you need 10 or more sets of Hover:bit for your class

    A system of micro:bit powered kits made for education

    Takes students and educators from beginner to advanced levelA system of maker friendly micro:bit accessories.

    All kits are repairable, made from environmental materials and are made for creative exploration. Whether you have access to a modern maker-space with 3D-printers and laser cutters, or more traditional tools like saws, knife and scissors Wonder:Kit lets you build and change the construction of multiple kits. 

    Technology is all around us and becomes increasingly important,  but also less accessible and harder to understand.  

    In MakeKit we make these skills of the 21. century accessible in an engaging and relevant package. 

    The kits let’s students achieve in STE(A)M subjects, get technological self-confidence and the sense of achievement.


    Age group: 7 to 18 


    Order the Wonder:Kit Explorer base kit here

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    HK$ 4,173.00

    Class Kit of 10 sets