Yellow Wheels and Right Angle Geared TT Motors

Motor and wheel



Product Description

Give your projects the gift of movement with these pairs of 5 spoke injection moulded ABS wheels. Supplied with rubber o-ring tyres they fit geared hobby motors

If you have a robotics project or buggy featuring geared hobby motors, these 5 spoke injection moulded ABS wheels are the perfect wheel for the job! They fit directly onto the geared hobby motors TT style shaft and can be screw fixed firmly in place.

The ABS used is very lightweight and has excellent mechanical qualities. As such, the wheels are extremely durable and very difficult to break. As they are made from ABS the wheels can be fully recycled.

The wheels are supplied with rubber o-rings that when pushed onto the wheel act as tyres. When fitted, the o-rings will not come off accidentally. A concerted effort is required to remove them.

Wheel Features:

  • Sturdy 5 Spoke design.
  • Injection moulded with matte green ABS.
  • The ABS used is lightweight and has very good mechanical properties making them durable and difficult to break.
  • Supplied with rubber 0-rings that fit to the wheel and act as tyers.
  • Can also be used as a drive pulley for projects such as a ferris wheel or lazy Susan.
  • Push fit for TT shaft geared hobby motors. The wheel can then be screw fixed to the motor to ensure it stays in place.
  • The ABS wheel material is fully recyclable.
  • Made in the UK.

Motor Features:

  • A great value motor for your robot/buggy builds.
  • The motors operating voltage (3V to 6V) make it suitable for use in battery powered applications.
  • This is a 90RPM geared hobby motor.

Contents, for wheels only option:

  • 2 x Yellow 5 Spoke Injection Molded ABS Wheels.
  • 2 x Rubber O-Ring Tyres.

Wheel Dimensions:

  • Wheel Diameter (no tire): 63mm.
  • Wheel Diameter (with tire): 67.5mm.
  • Max Width:11.75mm.


HK$ 65.00