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Yenka Physics is a powerful but easy-to-use simulator, which lets you learning by experimenting in a colourful, accurate environment.

Simulate however you wish, from designing circuits and optical systems, through modelling wave propagation, to accelerating masses and graphing their motion.

There's a wide range of lessons and activities, and a set of training videos, to help you get started.

It can be used as a flexible demonstration tool - for example, on a whiteboard. Alternatively, students can use Yenka themselves, to investigate concepts in Yenka's safe, accurate world.


Yenka Introductory video


Yenka Physics overview


And teachers and students can all use the full version of Yenka Physics at home, free of charge.


Full details on official web site

 Yenka Light and Sound overview


Yenka Sound Wavespace

Ray Diagram

Full details on official web site

Yenka Electricity and Magnetism overview 

 More Yenka Electricity video

By Mr Wong Chi Kong of SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School

Part 1 - Built in experiments (10 mins)
Part 2 - Design your experiments (10 mins)


By Mr Gavin Choi of St Stephen's College in Chinese (Cantonese).

Part 1 - Overview of Yenka - a strong tool for teaching Technology, Science, Mathematics and computing. (2mins)
Part 2 - Demo of how Yenka can be used to teach circuits, Ohm's Law, electrical induction, light and wind turbine (5.5mins)
Part 3 - Q & A - using Yenka for DSE, IB and GCE curriculum (2mins)

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HK$ 7,800.00