$7,500 to $10,000

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Automated High Bay Warehouse, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Storage and retrieval of workpieces and containers  ...

HK$ 9,917.00
Book Creator Premium for School

Software Online Subscription

  100 million books made! Combine text, images,...

HK$ 4,320.00
Class Set Optics

STEM lessons and models pack


16 sets (6 models): 30 pupils 1 teacher....

HK$ 8,806.00
Class Set Solar Energy

STEM lessons and models pack


16 sets (3 models): 30 pupils 1 teacher....

HK$ 9,163.00
Explain Everything School Plan

Software Online Subscription

Combining the freedom of whiteboarding with recording, now...

HK$ 4,000.00
Gratnells MakerSpace Trolley

Classroom Storage


The Gratnells MakerSpace trolley holds standard Gratnells trays...

HK$ 8,320.00
Indexed line with two machining stations, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Indexing line with a milling and drilling station...

HK$ 8,167.00
Interactive Physics

Software Download

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Interactive Physics is...

HK$ 960.00
Kahoot! EDU - standard

Software Online Subscription

Playful, powerful learning everyday!   Kahoot! is a game-based...

Large Structural Learning Classroom Kit

Hands-on Manipulatives

Cognitive Building Bricks for Literacy/Critical Thinking They are...

HK$ 1,990.00
Multi Processing Station with Oven, 24V

pre-assembled training model


2 processing stations with pneumatic transfer for safe...

HK$ 8,750.00
Numbershark 5

Software USB/download

Numbershark is a computer program to help anyone...

HK$ 1,430.00
SAM Labs teacher training 老師培訓課程 (3 hrs)

Training and Resource Package

Explore quickly how SAM Labs can bring STEM...

HK$ 3,600.00

eReading Online Subscription

 4000+ books.     Listen to your learners reading!...

HK$ 7,920.00
Sorting line with colour detection, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Recognition and sorting of the different workpieces Detects...

HK$ 7,583.00
Soundbops Instrument

Musical instrument

The Easiest Way to Bring Music to Your...

HK$ 1,279.00
Soundtrap for Education (by Spotify)

Software Online Subscription

Create Audio Stories, Explore Creative Sound Making  Soundtrap...

HK$ 1,992.00
ThingLink Premium for Education

Software Online Subscription

Create unique experiences with narrated interactive 360° media,...

HK$ 8,000.00
Unimat ML MetalLine Technic (8 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


The engineering lab for manufacturing precise work pieces...

HK$ 9,500.00
Vacuum Gripper Robot, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Safe and precise transport of workpieces     ...

HK$ 8,167.00
Vu+ Primary Science datalogger



Vu+ Designed for Primary Science With built-in USB...

HK$ 1,670.00
Wireless Smart Dynamic System

wireless datalogging sensors


Physics ready out of the box  The dynamics...

HK$ 7,864.00
Word Shark 5

Software USB/download

What is Wordshark? visit the official site for...

HK$ 1,760.00
Wordshark online

Software Online Subscription

Wordshark for game-based reading & spelling Wordshark provides...

HK$ 4,752.00