Panic Lab

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Panic Lab is a terrific “brain burning” challenge you will love.   

 Dice are rolled to tell you which amoeba you are looking for and which lab they escaped from. That sounds easy, but they mutate and escape through the air vents. Can you match the correct amoeba before your opponents? Panic Lab is one of our best-selling games for people with cool heads, sharp eyes and fast hands. 




實驗室內的大恐慌! 阿米巴蟲逃脫了, 並開始四處游動! 大家一起合作抓住它們! 這是一個可供2-10人遊玩的遊戲, 所有玩家可以一起玩. 透過特別的骰子顯示出顏色, 形狀, 圖案和逃脫地點來找出阿米巴蟲. 第一位找到阿米巴蟲的玩家獲得一分. 但是請注意, 這些小傢伙不想被抓, 它們會躲藏和改變外貌! 玩家需要眼明手快地盡快把實驗室回復正常!

  • 2-10 players
  • suitable for age 6+
  • Playtime :  10 to 30 mins
  • Box size:  14.5 x 11 x 2 cm


1-minute Game Demo


10-page Teacher's guide & student sheets



HK$ 128.00