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Turn any video into a dynamic lesson, help you save teaching time.

An easy-to-use interactive video learning platform, Edpuzzle provides engagement you can see and results you can measure.   

Edpuzzle's interactive video lessons empower students to take an active role in their learning, while teachers can follow along with Edpuzzle's real-time student analytics.  



1.  Create a video lesson

Select a YouTube video, select an Edpuzzle original video, select from video lessons created by other educators, upload a video, or screen record a video.


2.  Embed questions anywhere

Customise your video lesson by embedding questions, notes, and audio.


3.  Assign your video lesson

Assign the lesson to your students and hold them accountable for watching.


4.  Track students' progress

See who understands your lesson and who needs more help, in order to differentiate for your students.




Save valuabale time with Edpuzzle's Teacher Assist - AI



Generate questions

Ask Edpuzzle to create and embed questions in your video with just one click!   Find out more from here.

Autograde open-ended questions

Make grading a snap! Add your ideal answer and Edpuzzle review student responses to suggest grades.


Edpuzzle Originals are a library of professionally made video lessons with built-in practice that help ensure teachers can find engaging lessons for their students.



Edpuzzle Originals cover a wide scope of topics



Example: ELA (English Language Arts) videos in Edpuzzle Originals



See comparison table below: 


Present Edpuzzle to your colleagues

The presentation slides will help you host an interactive and engaging PD that teachers will love! 

Getting started with Edpuzzle
Download materials

Getting started with Edpuzzle and Google Classroom
Download materials



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    Visit Edpuzzle help centre for step-by-step guides

    Pro Edition for school with less than 750 enrolled students, whole school access, 1st year rate. 8% increase on renewal
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