fischertechnik Science, Technology and STEM education curriculum for Primary, Secondary to University and Vocational

Started in 1965.   52 years of anniversary (history), fischertechnk is part of the fischer group of companies.  Today, fischer is active worldwide with its four business segments: fixing systems, automotive systems, fischertechnik and process consulting.



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fischertechnik China competition April 2016 -  發現日常生活中的科技...STEM (click to see this special report in Chinese)

Seeds Germinating - Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School share their experience in using fischertechnik STEM II model packs + BBC micro:bit in teaching STEM. (Click to see more information in Chinese & English)


fischertechnik science models

fischertechnik science models can be used to meet one of the two curriculum emphasis of the Hong Kong Science curriculum, Secondary 1-3:

2.2.1 Unifying concepts > Evidence and models

Scientists use evidence and models to understand, explain and/or predict scientific phenomena.

Evidence consists of observations and data on which scientific explanations can be constructed and predictions can be made.

Models are representations that are taken to illustrate real systems, objects, concepts or events.  They can be used to explain, predict and study how real objects work. Models can be physical, conceptual, or mathematical.

2.2.2 Science process skills - please refer to our scientific investigation through datalogging section


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Introduction to STEM 1 (Simple Machines)

STEM lessons and models pack

40 models in the pack allow children a fascinating...

HK$ 1,008.00
Introduction to STEM 2 (introduction to coding)


12 models. Discover Technology in Everyday Life, and...

HK$ 1,848.00
STEM PREP - Physics, Robotics, Energy and Power Set

STEM lessons and models pack

Contains 2110 components in total to build all...

HK$ 7,260.00
STEM Engineering Set

STEM lessons and models pack

Contains 890 components in total to build all...

HK$ 8,580.00
Solar: Beginner

Renewable Energy Kit

4 models.  Generation and use of electrical power...

HK$ 720.00
Green Energy (included hydrogen fuel cell kit)

Renewable Energy Kit

19 models.  “Renewable energy sources“ will become our...

HK$ 2,016.00
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kit

Renewable Energy Kit

How does a fuel cell work? How can...

HK$ 832.00
Technical Revolutions

STEM lessons and models pack

  11 models. On the trail of James...

HK$ 958.00
ft designer

Software CD-Rom

    The construction of fischertechnik models using...

HK$ 2,184.00
Mechanics 2.0 (covering statics)

STEM lessons and models pack

30 models:   Mechanics/structural engineering/effect of forces on...

HK$ 1,224.00
Dynamics XS

Construction Kits

Low-cost ball obstacle course by fischertechnik! The ball...

HK$ 130.00
Dynamics S

Construction Kits

Ball obstacle course and fischertechnik: two classic toy...

HK$ 259.00
Dynamics M

Construction Kits

New action and sound parts open up many...

HK$ 648.00
Physics I (2.0)

STEM lessons and models pack

7 models:  Centrifugal force/shear force/acceleration/energy conservation/impetus An introduction...

HK$ 1,224.00
Drive Systems

STEM lessons and models pack

  8 models. This pack focuses on the Principles...

HK$ 864.00
Pneumatics: Beginner

STEM lessons and models pack

5 models. Generation and distribution of compressed air...

HK$ 720.00

STEM lessons and models pack

8 models. This play-and-learn construction set helps children...

HK$ 1,368.00
Optics & Lights

STEM lessons and models pack

  15 models. This construction set focuses on...

HK$ 990.00

Model Pack with sensor/input/output

  16 models. Want to learn about Electrical...

HK$ 1,440.00
Robotics: BT beginner


12 models.  Instrumentation and control / programming /...

HK$ 1,944.00
Mini Bots


  5 models. Ideal introduction to the Education...

HK$ 1,344.00
Robotics & ElectroPneumatics


Robotics & ElectroPneumatics content same as ROBO TX ElectroPneumatic...

HK$ 2,184.00
Robotics TXT Competition Set


Robotics TXT Competition Set Content same as  ROBO...

HK$ 7,260.00
Robotics: Advanced


Complete Robotics Set with 310 parts, new ROBOTICS...

HK$ 4,608.00
Robotics: 3D printer STEM Kit

3d Printer

Build, Plug & Print! This build-it-yourself kit gives...

HK$ 7,260.00
Robotics in Industry


  4 models. Robotics in Industry content same...

HK$ 2,304.00
ROBO Conveyor Belt Kit


ROBO Conveyor Belt 9 V without controller  ...

HK$ 1,050.00
Conveyor belt

pre-assembled training model

Conveyor belt - Assembled model Length 275 mm, transports...

HK$ 4,262.00
Factory Simulation

pre-assembled training model

Combination of the models Sorting Line With Color...

HK$ 36,302.00
Automated High Bay Warehouse

pre-assembled training model

Transfer station with conveyor belt, shelf stacker for...

HK$ 9,677.00
Sorting line with colour detection

pre-assembled training model

Detects workpieces of different colors and sorts them...

HK$ 8,827.00
Vacuum Gripper Robot

pre-assembled training model

3-axis robot with vacuum gripper works quickly and...

HK$ 9,677.00

pre-assembled training model

3-axis robot with gripping device - Assembled model Degrees...

HK$ 8,467.00
Multi Processing Station with Oven

pre-assembled training model

Furnace with pneumatic sliding door. Downstream processing station...

HK$ 12,096.00
Pneumatic Processing Center

pre-assembled training model

Pneumatic Processing Center 9V - Assembled model Machining center...

HK$ 8,467.00
Indexed line with two machining stations

pre-assembled training model

Indexed line with two machining stations - Assembled model...

HK$ 10,866.00
Punching machine with conveyor belt

pre-assembled training model

Professional training model  Conveyor belt with two light...

HK$ 4,838.00


The compact ROBOTICS TXT Controller (90 x 90...

HK$ 2,904.00
ROBO Pro Software

Software CD-Rom

Simple entry for beginners through programing of flow...

HK$ 302.00
Creative Box 1000

Construction Kits

Each pack comes with more than 700 components...

HK$ 999.00
Box 1000

Classroom Storage

Each pack comes with Practical storage box with...

HK$ 346.00
Motor Set XS


Thanks to the compact measurements, this motor can...

HK$ 374.00
Motor Set XM


High performance geared motor in compact plastic casing...

HK$ 374.00


If you want to breathe still more „life“...

HK$ 588.00
LED set


The LED Set is just the right solution...

HK$ 264.00
Accu Set 230V UK - Rechargeable battery with charger


Compatible with all fishcertechnik models for provision of...

HK$ 502.00
Power Set


Power unit and infinitely variable control unit. The...

HK$ 547.00
Control Set


The four channel infrared remote control allows you...

HK$ 840.00