AiTLE- ETC TestBed Programme 2022


Free trial of paid version of top  eLearning platforms.
From now till 30th June 2022 (at least, as some have a longer trial period)

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21 x 1 hour Training Webinars in April/May 2022, specially hosted for Hong Kong schools:

Ideal for sharing with all your teachers to kickstart the trial. Also valuable for all existing users as handy CPD resources to make the best use of your existing subscription.

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AiTLE - ETC TestBed Programme 2022 product list

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Software Online Subscription

  Discover      Through short, information packed...

HK$ 20,760.00
BrainPOP ELL (English Language Learning)

Software Online Subscription

90 grammar lessons.   BrainPOP ELL  is a comprehensive...

HK$ 10,360.00
BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

250+  topics, BrainPOP Jr. gently encourages young learners to ask...

HK$ 17,240.00
BrainPOP Science

Software Online Subscription

Help teachers facilitate inquiry based science investigations that...

HK$ 28,480.00
Edpuzzle Pro School: unlimited storage

Software Online Subscription

  Make any video your lesson  Choose a...

HK$ 13,200.00
Explain Everything - Solo Teacher Plan

Software Online Subscription

Combining the freedom of whiteboarding with recording, now...

HK$ 280.00
Explain Everything School Plan

Software Online Subscription

Combining the freedom of whiteboarding with recording, now...

HK$ 4,000.00
Flocabulary by Nearpod

Software Online Subscription

Flocabulary is a learning program for all grades that...

HK$ 15,600.00
Formative Partner Plan

Software Online Subscription

Accurately assess student success and track progress, and...

HK$ 14,157.00
Nearpod Premimum Plus School Edition

Software Online Subscription

 Nearpod: combines engaging media and formative assessments to...

HK$ 13,728.00
SAM Studio

Software Online Subscription


The easy-to-use online STEAM and coding portal where...

HK$ 15,992.00

eReading Online Subscription

 4000+ books.     Listen to your learners reading!...

HK$ 7,920.00
Soundtrap for Education (by Spotify)

Software Online Subscription

Create Audio Stories, Explore Creative Sound Making  Soundtrap...

HK$ 1,992.00
STEM Activities/Lesson Resources (Free!)

Curriculum/ Activities material online

Written based on Hong Kong teachers' request, for...