Support extensive reading in English across the curriculum, 24/7

Featuring the best global brands supportng children's learning across all age groups and reading abilities, across all subjects and interests.

Inspire curiosity, and esblish life-long habit of building thier own knowlege.

Multi-modal:   books, read along books, read aloud books, audio books, videos, animations.

Consolidations:  through quiz, games, mind maps, coding, movie making, audio stories, book creation, to demonstrate and consolidate learning and understanding.


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Accelerated Reader (AR)

Reading Practice

  Accelerated Reader helps teachers access data-based insights...

HK$ 80.00
myON Digital Library + myON News

eReading Online Subscription

  7,000+  enhanced digital books, available 24/7. Books...

HK$ 125.00
Epic School Plus

eReading Online Subscription

  Epic is the world's largest digital library...

HK$ 64.00

Software Online Subscription

  Discover      Through short, information packed...

HK$ 20,760.00
BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

250+  topics, BrainPOP Jr. gently encourages young learners to ask...

HK$ 17,240.00
Book Creator Premium for School

Software Online Subscription

  100 million books made! Combine text, images,...

HK$ 4,320.00