Expressive Technology with Paper Circuits 

Chibitronics blends circuit building and programming with arts and crafts. We make circuit stickers and other tools for educators, artists and crafters so everyone can create and design their own expressive electronics.

1.5 minutes Love to Code with Chibitronics

15 mins, Circuits as Crayons

 Chibitronics makes toolkits and resources that blend craft with technology. These include peel-and-stick components; aka circuit stickers! We also make a paper-friendly microcontroller called the Chibi Chip. To accompany these materials, we have tutorial books in both print and digital form full of creative projects that help introduce electronics and coding.


Visit the Chibitronics official website on resources for:


  • Getting started
  • Product Tutorials
  • Techniques and projects (Electronics, Papercraft, Project Inspirations)


STEAM learning with Chibitronics

  • Lesson Plans
  • Student Gallery
  • Educator Community


Let's Get Crafty!



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Chibitronics Circuit Sticker Intro Kit w/ Card

Circuit sticker activity kit


Create a light-up shining star card with this...

HK$ 96.00
Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit

Circuit sticker activity kit


Chibitronics Chibi Lights Circuit Stickers are a creative...

HK$ 240.00
Circuit Sticker Sketchbook

Circuit sticker activity book


  Learn the basics of circuits and electronics...

HK$ 80.00
When Thea LED the Way

Circuit sticker activity kit


This STEAM Stories electronics kit introduces you to...

HK$ 320.00
Love to Code Creative Coding Kit

Coding Kit


STEM Reimagined: Craft meets Code The Love to...

HK$ 680.00
Love to Code Volume 1 Book Refill: Microsoft MakeCode Edition

Coding Curriculum Materials


The Love to Code Vol 1 Book refill...

HK$ 104.00
Love To Code Chibi Chip

Coding Kit


Interested in coding, but don’t know where to...

HK$ 280.00
Chibi Clip



An essential companion to the Chibi Chip, the...

HK$ 96.00
Love to Code Premounted Chibi Chip & Clip

Coding Kit


The Love to Code Chibi Chip & Chibi...

HK$ 312.00
Love To Code Chibi Scope

Coding Kit


A debugging and measurement tool (text, volts, waves)...

HK$ 280.00
Love to Code - Drawing Stencil



Use this drawing stencil to trace shapes for...

HK$ 64.00
Light sensor sticker



Light sensor stickers turn light levels into signals...

HK$ 144.00
Light Sensor and add on material (including conductive patches)

Conductive adhesive tape


You’ve learned how to blink, fade and flash...

HK$ 160.00
Light Sensor Add-On #1 Booklet

Circuit sticker activity kit

The Light Sensor Add-on #1 booklet is an...

HK$ 64.00
White LED Stickers Mega Pack

Light sticker


30 white LED circuit stickers.  Brighten up your...

HK$ 240.00
Classroom Pack of White LED Stickers

Light sticker with conductive tape


With 90 white circuit stickers and 90 feet...

HK$ 880.00
Red, Yellow and Blue LED Stickers Mega Pack

Light sticker


10 red, 10 yellow, and 10 blue LED circuit...

HK$ 240.00
Classroom Pack of Red, Yellow and Blue LED stickers

Light sticker with conductive tape


With 90 colored circuit stickers (30 red, 30 yellow...

HK$ 880.00
Tropical Lights Mega Pack (Pink, Orange and Green LED Stickers)

Light sticker


10 pink, 10 orange, and 10 green LED...

HK$ 240.00
Copper Tape - With Conductive Adhesive, 5mm (15m)

Conductive adhesive tape


Flat copper tape with conductive adhesive that is...

HK$ 45.00
Conductive Fabric Tape Patches

Conductive fabric tape


  Get 64 swatches of conductive fabric tape,...

HK$ 72.00
Effects Stickers

Light sticker

Four effects stickers so you can add blink,...

HK$ 192.00
Circuit Stickers Effects Add-On + Stencil

Light sticker


Four effects stickers so you can add blink,...

HK$ 168.00