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Product Description

BrainPOP Jr. motivates young learners through age-appropriate animated movies, interactive quizzes, learning games, and a breadth of other educational activities. 

BrainPOP Jr. offers digital educational content for children in kindergarten through primary 3.  Each curricular topic includes an animated movie, learning games, concept mapping, and interactive features that help extend key concepts and meet the needs of students with different learning styles. Text is read aloud to facilitate comprehension. 

BrainPOP Jr.  subjects/themes

  1. Arts and Music (15+ topics)
  2. Body and Health (35+ topics)
  3. Computing / Technology (10+ topics) 
  4. English (50+ topics)
  1. Maths (60+ topics)
  2. Primary Science (60+ topics)
  3. Social Studies (40+ topics)

Teach through storytelling  

Beloved and relatable characters introduce and build students' background knowledge in a way that's inviting and easy to access.  

BrainPOP Jr. features the following in each topic:

  1. BrainPOP Jr.  Movies
  2. BrainPOP Jr.  Quizzes
  3. Lesson Ideas
  4. BrainPOP Jr. Games
  1. Word Play 
  2. Talk About It
  3. Draw About It
  4. Write About It
  1. Make-A-Map (Mindmap)
  2. Creative Coding  
  3. Activity
  4. Pop a Joke
  5. Belly Up

Each BrainPOP Jr has auto pause point, to display key discussion of the topic in the form of a notebook, Find out from there:

Explore our collection of one-week pacing guides and accompanying two-day lesson plans. Find content in all grade levels and subject areas. Lesson Plans include modifications for offline learning, personalization and English language learners.

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