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Raise the bar of multidimensional Science with Inquiry-Driven instruction and assessments.

BrainPOP Science complements your curriculum to bring multi-dimensional science to life.  Lower secondary schoolers see themselves as scientists and engineers as they are guided through immersive investigations:   

  • Student Driven Learning:   Students actively observe, think and document investigations
  • CER process: Students use claim-evidence-reasoning for content-practice fusion.
  • Age-Appropriate Rigor:  Challenging, yet suitable questions encourage critical thinking.
  • Purposeful Questions:  Relevant guiding questions maintain motivation and offer reflection points.
  • Engagement with Suppport:  We offer teachers the tools they need to ceate authentic learning.

Physical Science

  • Atoms, Elements, and Molecules Compounds,
  • Mixtures, and Solutions
  • States of Matter
  • Properties of Matter
  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Forces and Motion
  • Work and Simple Machines
  • Non-Contact Forces
  • Energy
  • Wave Properties
  • Light Waves

Life Science

  • Classifying Living Things
  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Human Body Systems
  • Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  • Food Webs and Ecosystem Interactions
  • Biodiversity and Stability in Ecosystems
  • Reproduction and Growth
  • Genetics
  • Natural Selection and Adaptations
  • Evidence of Evolution

Earth and Space

  • The Universe and Its Galaxies
  • Our Solar System
  • The Earth-Sun-Moon System
  • Water and the Hydrosphere
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Fossils and the Geologic Time Scale
  • Earth's Resources
  • Human Impacts on Natural Resources
  • Weather Patterns
  • Climate and Climate Change

A BrainPOP Science investigation is a robust, interactive lesson.

A single investigation covers up to one week of instruction and includes key activities: examining phenomena, collecting evidence, articulating claims and reasoning, and checking for understanding along the way.  

BrainPOP Science investigations are part of BrainPOP Science Units, which include a Unit-level assessment. 

BrainPOP Science investigations include a collection of Data Manipulatives, Simulations, 3D Worlds, exclusive science movies, and Check for Understanding (CFU) assessments.

  • Exclusive Science Movies leverage the power of BrainPOP’s animations to explain hard-to-teach science concepts with exclusive, embedded videos.

  • Simulations allow students to observe science principles in action and manipulate models to test hypotheses and collect evidence while also strengthening their conceptual understanding. 

  • Data Manipulatives allow students to interact with scientific data from real-world scenarios while improving data literacy skills. 

  • 3D Worlds enable students to explore virtual environments that reflect real-world phenomena and encourage scientific argumentation and discussion.

When an Investigation is assigned, all of the individual core pieces, including any optional pieces the teacher has chosen to add, will be assigned at once. Throughout the Investigation, students collect evidence, which they can then use in their final explanation construction.

Teachers can choose to add additional resources to support differentiation in the classroom. These differentiated resources vary by Investigation topic, and can include vocabulary, games, movies, Simulations, readings, or other activities.

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Students investigate the scientific principles that might help them with their design. They are guided through a short set of resources to find the scientific concepts that support their design solutions.

We want or students to base their design on scientific principles rather than "tinker" towards a solution.

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