Where the Micro:bit Drone and Micro:bit Hovercraft are born:   Air:bit + Hover:bit



Why we believe in what we do? 

MakeKit was started by Henning Pedersen and Steinar Holøs, in Norway.  Both have a genuine interest in technology and a curiosity about the possibilities it can provide. 

It all started with Makeadrone, and by Henning Pedersen. He wanted everyone to experience the joy of building your own drone. With MakeKit we are taking the next step in bringing this philosophy to other products and other markets. 

"We were lucky to find our passion for technology and the art of creating. If you are that lucky that you have parents or a teacher who are genuinely interested in the topic, chances are good that you will be introduced to the world of technology. But this is not the case for most people.

"We make products that are easy to start using for both children, parents and teachers. Technology and creative arts are more important than ever. And in the future, these skills will be even more valuable.

Our products will give everyone a great introduction and enable the development of the skills necessary in the society of the future."

- Steinar Holøs, CEO and Co-founder 

Air:bit - the World's First micro:bit drone!

Hover:bit - the micro:bit Hovercraft!


Air:bit and Hover:bit extension project ideas


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Air:bit 2


The world's first micro:bit drone!   Air:Bit combines the...

HK$ 986.00
Air:bit WiFi Camera

WiFi Camera

Now you can make your own camera-drone! With...

HK$ 360.00
Hover: bit 2.0


Hover: Bit 2.0 - build, code and hover...

HK$ 592.00

Bubble machine

A practical and fun approach to learning about...

HK$ 280.00
Wonder:Kit: Start pack

Base kit

Class kit of 10 sets, for 20 students ...

HK$ 510.00
Wonder:Kit: Air:bit

Add-on to Class Kit

Class kit of 10 sets, for 20 students...

HK$ 562.00
Wonder:Kit: Hover:bit

Add-on to Wonderkit: Start pack

Class kit of 10 sets, for 20 students,...

HK$ 562.00
Wonder:Kit: Make More Tool Box

Add-on to Class Kit

User-friendly box for storing various components and equipment....

HK$ 792.00
Black control board

Shield for sensor/input/output

WonderKit Black control board is a spare parts...

HK$ 480.00
Green control board

Shield for sensor/input/output

Many have asked for a simplified board card....

HK$ 480.00
Lithium LiPo battery 800mAh

Rechargeable battery

Extra battery for Air:bit. Contains circuit breaker which...

HK$ 64.00
LiPo battery charger - for 6 batteries

Battery Charger

Convenient fast charger for up to 6 1s...

HK$ 420.00
Engine (motor) for Air:bit


Powerful DC engine(motor) with neodymium magnets for Air:bit. Select...

HK$ 64.00
Propeller Protection

spare parts

4 psc propeller protectors to Air:bit. They act...

HK$ 88.00
Airbit spare propeller 8-pack

spare parts

8 stk extra propellers to Air:bit, 4 stk...

HK$ 72.00