Code the Micro:bit on MakeCode +  wired  inputs and outputs through the micro:bit pins  以電線接駁micro:bit 電子配件       

2 mins getting started with the micro:bit

4 mins walkthrough of the latest MakeCode release June 2019.  Read more. Try the new micro:bit MakeCode offline app

Online step guides in Chinese (below):              More guides in English   

  • micro:bit coding- Motor 馬達
    • 馬達的應用
    • 馬達的控制方法
  • Servo 使用教學
    • 我需要什麼配件來使用Servo?
    • 透過鱷魚夾配合micro:bit使用教學
    • 利用micro:bit自身的light sensor控制servo 
    • 配合slider控制servo轉動 

Code the Micro:bit on Workbench + SAM Labs wireless inputs/outputs 無線micro:bit 電子配件 + Google Sheet 

See the 54 Sam Labs + micro:bit lessons through the Learn to code kit

SAM Labs + micro:bit (click to see a larger view)
由運算思維到編程,無線連接(bluetooth) 釋放更多新可能!  

micro:bit + SAM Labs wireless RGB Light, see step-by-step tutorial

SAM Labs 54-lesson Learn to Code with micro:bit Course

Teach coding & computer science 
 featuring wireless SAM Labs blocks + micro:bit + block-based Google Workbench


"Only" available as part of the SAM Labs Learn to Code with micro:bit Classroom Kit 

Register here to download 5 Free! sample lessons below and the curriculum alignment maps

Starter Lessons
4 lessons

1. Sam and Cyberspace
2. Google Workbench
3. SAM Labs
4. micro:bit

Age 9-10
10 lessons

1. Into Cyberspace
2. Sensing Danger
3. Choose the Bright Path
4. Danger Detected (Free!)
5. Error Detected
6. Countdown
7. Password Protect
8. Hidden Code 
9. Test the Range
10. Threat Attack

Age 10 -11 
10 lessons

1. Unmasked 
2. Find the Minion
3. Stop the Minion (Free!)
4. System Check
5. Can I use it?
6. Flare Alert
7. Back It Up
8. Packet Delivery
9. Adaptability
10. Communications

Age 11-12 
10 lessons

1. Go with the Flow
2. Secret Movement
3. Secret Melody
4. Containing M.A.S
5. Logical Next Steps
6. Is It Fake?
7. Stay Connected (Free!)
8. Follow The Rules 
9. Trust Your Senses
10. It's all 0's and 1's

Age 12-13
10 lessons 

1. 2 Test or not 2 Test
2. Roll of the Dice
3. Keep it Safe
4. Convert to Move
5. Rock, Paper, Scissors
6. Too Many 2 Count
7. 20 Questions
8. In Disguise (Free!)
9. Transmit Directions
10. Inner Workings  

Age 13-14
10 lessons

1. No Place to Hide
2. Phishing Expedition
3. Time Loop
4. Double Check
5. Hidden Number
6. Encrypt and Decrypt
7. Pixels  (+Google Sheet) Free!
8. Search and Locate (+Google Sheet)
9. Sorted
10. Catch and Destroy

Code the Micro:bit on Scratch 3.0 + Marty the Robot (wireless 無線)

Curious about when and how Hong Kong schools started adopting the BBC micro:bit?    Please click this link

Hack and Crack!  AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme 6.0 :  fischertechnik+ BBC micro:bit + IoT 實體化計劃   
June 2019 - December 2020   more..  

The BBC micro:bit , lesson packs and accessories

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BBC micro:bit Starter Kit



a BBC micro:bit, a  USB Cable, a Battery...

HK$ 135.00
BBC micro:bit 10 or more Starter Kits Classroom Pack



The Classroom Pack consists of 10 x BBC micro:bit, 10...

HK$ 1,280.00
F5 fischertechnik 8 outputs, 6 inputs I/O board (5V and 3.3 V)

Shield for sensor/input/output


A fischertechnik-> micro:bit shield for 5v and 3.3...

HK$ 199.00
:Create Interface board for micro:bit and fischertechnik

Shield for sensor/input/output


Bridge the gap between fischertechnik STEM kits &...

HK$ 105.00

WiFi shield for micro:bit


 A micro:bit add-on that will enable internet connection via...

HK$ 135.00
A5 Printed Sensors Set of 3

Conductive Paint Sensor


Create touch sensor for the BBC micro:bit with...

HK$ 120.00
Copper Tape - With Conductive Adhesive , 50mm (15m)

Conductive adhesive tape


This copper tape is a whopping 50 mm...

HK$ 130.00
SparkFun gator:bit v2.0

Shield for sensor/input/output


The SparkFun gator:bit v2.0 is an all-in-one “carrier”...

HK$ 170.00
SparkFun gator:control ProtoSnap



2 buttons +  1 on/off slide switch +  1 magnetic reed switch boards in the...

HK$ 100.00
SparkFun gator:color ProtoSnap

LED light


2 x white LED boards; 1 x red, green, blue, yellow ...

HK$ 100.00
SparkFun gator:log



The gator:log is the perfect data logging tool...

HK$ 130.00
SparkFun gator:RTC

Real Time Clock


Micro:bit Real Time Clock (RTC)! The gator:RTC is...

HK$ 150.00
SparkFun gator:particle



Particle (PM) detection, MAX30102 sensor, pulse oximetry (SpO2),...

HK$ 110.00
SparkFun gator:environment



Barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, equivalent TVOCs and CO2...

HK$ 199.00
Klip Motor Driver for BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Do more than just drive motors. It breaks...

HK$ 125.00
:Klef Piano for the BBC micro:bit

Shield with input


Unlock your inner composer with the Kitronik :KLEF...

HK$ 159.00
ACCESS:bit for BBC micro:bit

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


The ACCESS:bit is a bolt-on/clip-on board for the...

HK$ 101.00
Simple Robotics Cardboard Chassis - 25 Pack

Model Pack

These pre cut cardboard chassis pieces are replacements...

HK$ 120.00
Line Following add-on for :MOVE mini

Model Pack accessory


Now you can add line following to the...

HK$ 102.00
Tipper Trailer Add-On For The :MOVE MINI

Model Pack accessory


Get more from :MOVE mini for the BBC...

HK$ 110.00
Noise Pack for Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit



Explore the complexities of sound & noise with...

HK$ 110.00
ZIP LEDs Add-On Pack for Kitronik Inventors Kit for micro:bit

Neopixel lights


Explore codable lighting with our ZIP LED add-on...

HK$ 122.00
All-in-one Robotics Board for BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Significantly up your microbit robotics game with the...

HK$ 172.00
Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit (version 2)

Shield for sensor/input/output


A simple way to add motor driving capability to...

HK$ 105.00
Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


  This Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit...

HK$ 125.00
automation:bit Add-On for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for relay


Control & monitor your world with automation:bit Add-On...

HK$ 125.00
Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


This Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit can...

HK$ 110.00
Kitronik 16 Servo Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Take your robotics project to the next level...

HK$ 127.00
fischertechnik Motor XS 9V, black

spare parts


Generate movement and drive for fischertechnik models

HK$ 124.00
Grove - 80cm Infrared Proximity Sensor



The 80cm Infrared Proximity Sensor is a General...

HK$ 139.00
Grove - Gesture Sensor (PAJ7620U2)



The sensor on Grove - Gesture is PAJ7620U2...

HK$ 119.00
SparkFun Weather:bit

Shield with sensor/input


Measure barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature readings, wind speed,...

HK$ 108.00
SparkFun OpenLog

datalogging accessories


For use with the weather:bit experiment 7  (see...

HK$ 150.00
Water Pump 6V - 12V with 1m silicone tube

Water pump


This R385 diaphragm pump is the perfect choice...

HK$ 130.00
Klimate Board for the BBC micro:bit

Shield for sensor/input/output


Add real-time clock and environment sensing (pressure, temperature,...

HK$ 166.00
noise:bit Add-on for the BBC micro:bit

Speaker with shield


Make your micro:bit sing with noise:bit! It's a...

HK$ 122.00
Cardboard Mono Amplifier Case (for Amp kit), box of 20

Speaker casing - flat pack


Quickly house your MP3 Mono Amplifier Project with...

HK$ 110.00
:VIEW text32 LCD Screen for the BBC micro bit



Get meaningful text readouts from your microbit projects...

HK$ 160.00
scroll:bit LED display for micro:bit

LED light with shield


Expand the message scrolling capabilities of the BBC...

HK$ 137.00
ZIP Tile for BBC microbit

Neopixel lights


The Kitronik ZIP Tile is an 8 x 8 display...

HK$ 154.00
ZIP Halo, 24 neopixel LED for the BBC micro:bit

Neopixel lights


The Halo has 24 individually addressable full colour...

HK$ 109.00
NeoPixel Ring - 16 x 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Drivers

Neopixel lights


These 16 ultra bright smart LED NeoPixels are...

HK$ 110.00
Flexible 30 LED ZIP Strip 0.5m

Neopixel lights


Add light to your latest project with 50cm...

HK$ 132.00
WS2812 Water proof 30 LED light 1 m

Neopixel lights


HK$ 110.00
Grove - LED String Light



Grove - LED String Light is a LED...

HK$ 145.00
Silk Flower LED

Sewable electronics


Would a rose by any other name shine...

HK$ 118.00
Electro-Fashion Sewable ZIP LED, pack of 10

Sewable electronics


Upgrade your E Textiles with addressable full colour...

HK$ 120.00
Low Voltage Relay for the Micro:bit (solid state)



The MonkMakes Relay for micro:bit is a solid-state...

HK$ 125.00