The New BBC micro:bit v.2

For detailed feature comparison with the the original micro:bit v.1
check this official micro:bit technical page 

micro:bit v.2 中文版介紹


Comparing Micro:bit v.1 and v.2 (latest) 


Guides and Tutorials in English inside the MakeCode editor  


詳盡中文版使用教學  按此

Micro:bit and accessories step-guides in Chinese



 Below are training videos from Micro:bit: 

The BBC micro:bit , lesson packs and accessories

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E-textile kit for the BBC micro:bit

Sewable electronics


The E-Textiles kit for the BBC micro:bit offers...

HK$ 88.00
Electro-Fashion: Conductive thread (2m or 6m)

Conductive Thread


Conductive thread can be used like conventional sewing...

HK$ 19.00
Electro-Fashion: Conductive thread (45m or 250m)

Conductive Thread


Conductive thread can be used like conventional sewing...

HK$ 90.00
Conductive ribbon

Conductive ribbon


A great addition to any wearable electronic project,...

HK$ 72.00
Conductive Hook & Loop (Velcro) Strip - 2.5 cm x 10 cm

Conductive Velcro


 Hook & Loop strips (such as Velcro)...

HK$ 60.00
Electro-Fashion Sewable ZIP LED, pack of 10

Sewable electronics


Upgrade your E Textiles with addressable full colour...

HK$ 120.00
Silk Flower LED

Sewable electronics


Would a rose by any other name shine...

HK$ 83.00
Electro-Fashion, Sewable 5mm LED Holder, pack of 10

Sewable electronics


Sewable electronics. (Click here for our  full selection of...

HK$ 40.00
Electro-Fashion, Push Button Switch

Sewable electronics


This sewable push switch from Kitronik can be...

HK$ 9.00
Magnetic Buttons/Fasteners, Pack of 5

Sewable electronics


Pack of 5 Magnetic Buttons/Fasteners. Ideal for using...

HK$ 65.00