Code the Micro:bit on MakeCode +  wired  inputs and outputs through the micro:bit pins  以電線接駁micro:bit 電子配件

2 mins getting started with the micro:bit

4 mins walkthrough of the latest MakeCode release June 2019.  Read more. Try the new micro:bit MakeCode offline app

Code the Micro:bit on Workbench + SAM Labs wireless inputs/outputs 無線micro:bit 電子配件 + Google Sheet 

SAM Labs + micro:bit (click to see a larger view)
由運算思維到編程,無線連接(bluetooth) 釋放更多新可能!  

micro:bit + SAM Labs wireless RGB Light, see step-by-step tutorial

Code the Micro:bit on Scratch 3.0 + Marty the Robot (wireless 無線)

Marty the Robot that walks, dances, kicks and more

Curious about when and how Hong Kong schools started adopting the BBC micro:bit?    Please click this link

Hack and Crack!  AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme 6.0 :  fischertechnik+ BBC micro:bit + IoT 實體化計劃   
June 2019 - December 2020   more.. 


The BBC micro:bit , lesson packs and accessories

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SparkFun gator:color ProtoSnap
SparkFun gator:color ProtoSnap

LED light


2 x white LED boards; 1 x red, green, blue, yellow ...

HK$ 100.00
ZIP Hex LED, pack of 5
ZIP Hex LED, pack of 5

LED light


The Kitronik ZIP Hex LED has a single...

HK$ 55.00
5mm flashing/ flickering LEDs (various colours)

LED light

Flashing LED with a viewing angle of 30...

HK$ 2.40
5mm Standard (Diffused lens) LED (various colours)

LED light

Standard Diffused LED with a viewing angle of...

HK$ 1.50
LED starter kit (3 mm, 5mm and 10 mm)

LED light


The LED Kit contains a range of coloured...

HK$ 230.00