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The BBC micro:bit is a powerful, fully programmable, computer designed by the BBC and a number of partners to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software and building new things that will be controlled by it.

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Click links below to immediately access micro:bit projects on the official website:  
點擊以下連結至官方網站上現成的micro:bit 活動

** Besides learning from the projects below, you can also share your projects:   Once you’ve made your project, you can save it in the cloud, share it, or embed it on another website. See details here


  1. Flashing Heart 心大心細 (show LED)
  2. Smilely Button  笑臉 (on button pressed)
  3. Love Meter 心靈相通 (on pin pressed, pick random)
  4. Rock Paper Scissors 包剪揼 (on shake, set variable, pick random, if then else, game score, show number, show string, pause)
  5. Magic Button Trick 小魔術 (on button pressed, show string, variable, input - magnetic force, logic, if then else, math, radio)
  6. Coin Flipper 公定字? (on button pressed, pick random true or false, if then else, show string, show number, game score)

Multiplayer Games

  1. Fireflies 螢火蟲 (radio, forever, if then else, game score, variable)
  2. Infection 傳開去 (JavaScript code)
  3. Hot or Cold 冷定熱 (radio, forever, show icon, variable, show number, Led, if then else, arrays, game score)
  4. Voting Machine 投票機 (radio, on button pressed, show icon , on start)
  5. Rock Paper Scissors Teams 隊制包剪揼 (radio, on shake, variable, pick random, if then else, show icon, show number,  forever,arrays, logic)


  1. Hack your headphones 耳筒新搞作
  2. Banana Keyboard 香蕉鍵盤
  3. Guitar 結他


  1. Duct Tape Wallet 牛皮膠銀包
  2. Watch 手錶 (include count down timer)


  1. Inchworm 寸步而行
  2. Milk Carton Robot 牛奶盒機械人
  3. Milky Monster 牛奶盒怪獸
  4. Railway Crossing 火車交匯處
  5. Hacked RC car with Motor Driver Board 遙控車改裝


  1. Compass 指南針
  2. Telegraph 電報機
  3. Karel the LED 藝術燈飾

Fun Stuff :  code only

  1. Blink 閃動
  2. Name Tag 名字牌
  3. Rando 隨機閃動燈
  4. Game of Life
  5. Football Score Keeper 足球賽計分器

Actuator :  code only

Servo Calibrator

Link to the Microsoft 14-week micro:bit lessons - Computer Science (CS) course for age 11-14:

This course is also written for teachers who may not have a Computer Science background, or who may be teaching an “Intro to Computer Science” course for the first time.
這個課程除了適合11-14歲的同學, 也是為電腦編程不是本科的老師而編寫的, 十分值得老師們參考.

Each lesson typically includes - overview, unplugged, activity, project.

Click links below to learn all about the micro:bit MakeCode block editor from the "reference" and "blocks" tutorial on the official website :
點擊以下連結至官方網站,逐步學習micro:bit 軟件 - "MakeCode block editor"

** you can use the MakeCode block editor WITHOUT the internet in offline mode.  Check details here

Reference:  Basic, Input, Music, LED,  Radio,

Blocks:  On Start, Loops, Logic, Variables,

Types:  NumberStringBooleanArrayFunction

Built in objects - Math, String, Arrays    

Advanced:  Function, Text,  Game (sprites, score, game control), Images, Pins, Serial, Control

JavaScript blocks, Custom blocks

Bluetooth:   Bluetooth, Devices

New!   Build your own modular "Function" block

There are also lots of example codes embedded inside the MakeCode block editor tutorials per links above, available for immediate download .  
細心留意, 你會發現很多有用的 code 在以上學習課程用作示範,及供直接下載, 例如:

Click links below to access Lessons Topics focusing on specific blocks.   All lessons are on the official website.

Each lesson typically includes:  activity, quiz, quiz answers, challenges




Logic (if conditionals)


Click links below to learn about the BBC micro:bit hardware :  關於BBC micro:bit 硬件

The micro:bit device (LED screen, buttons, USB connection, Compass, Accelerometer, Pins, Light level, Runtime, powering, serial communication, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Antenna), the pins, the LED screen, Simulator, USB


Important:  Click links below to find out steps to transfer your micro:bit file (.hex) from your computer or iPad to the micro:bit   
從電腦或iPad將.hex 檔案移至micro:bit 的相關指引

Windows browsers: 

Mac browsers:


Click this link for full documentation about pairing and flashing the .hex file to the micro:bit from iPad

Download the latest micro:bit App  3.0.1 dated 14 Feb 2018.   Significant improvements:
This version now allows the pairing with multiple micro:bits and the storage and management of HEX files within the app.
‘Monitor & Control’ is a new facility for using Bluetooth services, allowing the monitoring of sensors and the direct transmission of messages to the LEDs and control commands to the output pins


Curious about when and how Hong Kong schools started adopting the BBC micro:bit?   Wanting to join our BBC micro:bit @ AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme?
Please click this link

Visit the official BBC micro:bit web site for all support and resources.   See BBC micro:bit at school, UK - video clips 

Research finding on the impact of the BBC micro:bit - 7 July 2017 - BBC micro:bit celebrates huge impact in first year, with 90% of students saying it helped show that anyone can code...




Hong Kong is the first place in the world, through us, the sole distributor of fischertechnik, has created the world-first integration between the BBC micro:bit/Kitronik motor driver board from the UK, and the German fischertechnik modelling kit (from simple machines, to physics law to  real-world industrial simulation through modelling).   See the full range of fischertechnik STEM solutions here.   Everyone can now easily, neatly model the real world and add further creativity through the BBC micro:bit.    Science in STEM in particular can come alive by combining fischertechnik and the BBC micro:bit - such as through the Green Energy kit.


The BBC micro:bit (2 minutes)

BBC micro:bit at Maker Faire Bay Area

16 minutes interview with CTO and ex-CEO of the micro:bit foundation

The BBC micro:bit , lesson packs and accessories

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noise:bit Add-on for the BBC micro:bit
noise:bit Add-on for the BBC micro:bit

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