Pi-F5 - interface for Raspberry Pi

Shield for sensor/input/output


DIDACTA advance d.o.o.

Product Description

The Pi-F5-HAT can control DC and SERVO motors as well as digital and analog sensors.

Interface specification:

8 x OUTPUTS (max 600mA), 8 x Digital INPUTS, 4 x Anlogue INPUTS, 2 x SERVO connector (5V), supply connectors (OUT) - 1 x 5V i 1 x 3,3V, 1 x UART connector (TX,RX), 1 x i2C connector, power supply connector for Raspberry and Interface ( 5.2 x 2.1 mm or 3.5 x 1.3) , 1 x connector for 9V battery ( min. 1800 mA ). Interface dimension 73 x 62 mm.

The interface is compatible with all Raspberry models that have a compatible connector with version 3. The adapter requires a min. 2500 mA 9V. VOLTAGE on INPUTS MAX. 9V.

Pi-F5 shematic specification. The interface is powered by a 5V converter that has been tested up to a load of 1800 mA, so alternating servo motor operation (power supply via the same converter) is recommended. Signals up to 9V can be connected to all inputs.

Download the datasheet Pi-F5_datasheet.pdf

Example project:



Visit here for the sample codes http://www.didacta.hr/index.php?umet=17&jezik=2

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connector 5.2 x 2.1