fischertechnik Science, Technology and STEM education curriculum for Primary, Secondary to University and Vocational

Started in 1965.   52 years of anniversary (history), fischertechnk is part of the fischer group of companies.  Today, fischer is active worldwide with its four business segments: fixing systems, automotive systems, fischertechnik and process consulting.



fischertechnik at LTE Hong Kong (2 minutes)

fischertechnik Education Products Catalogue

fischertechnik Fan Club Day, Germany (10 mins)

fischertechnik for education and on-the-job training (6 minutes) New!!
fischertechnik in Industrial Simulation

fischertechnik China competition April 2016 -  發現日常生活中的科技...STEM (click to see this special report in Chinese)

Seeds Germinating - Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School share their experience in using fischertechnik STEM II model packs + BBC micro:bit in teaching STEM. (Click to see more information in Chinese & English)


fischertechnik science models

fischertechnik science models can be used to meet one of the two curriculum emphasis of the Hong Kong Science curriculum, Secondary 1-3:

2.2.1 Unifying concepts > Evidence and models

Scientists use evidence and models to understand, explain and/or predict scientific phenomena.

Evidence consists of observations and data on which scientific explanations can be constructed and predictions can be made.

Models are representations that are taken to illustrate real systems, objects, concepts or events.  They can be used to explain, predict and study how real objects work. Models can be physical, conceptual, or mathematical.

2.2.2 Science process skills - please refer to our scientific investigation through datalogging section


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Introduction to STEM 2 (introduction to coding)


12 models. Discover Technology in Everyday Life, and...

HK$ 1,848.00
Robotics: BT beginner
Robotics: BT beginner


12 models.  Instrumentation and control / programming /...

HK$ 1,944.00