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AlphAI Robots

AI Robot and Visual Interface

TEACH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in a concrete and precise...

HK$ 2,600.00
Basic Modular Arena

Floor Mat and Fence

EnvironmentAn Arena to facilitate Learning Because the quality...

HK$ 1,080.00
Large Racing Circuit

Floor Mat and Fence

The “big race” kit allows the assembly of numerous arena...

HK$ 4,600.00
Small Racing Circuit

Floor Mat and Fence

The “small race” kit allows to build a race arena...

HK$ 1,800.00
Software AlphAI Neural Network Virtual Laboratory

Software Download

  Open the AI Black Box Thanks to...

HK$ 1,440.00
Teaching Artificial Intelligence to a young public

Training course

  Duration: 3 hours on Zoom Teaching AI...

HK$ 4,800.00