Learn to think?  

Philosophy and Learning


The Philosophy Bus

10 minutes video on the works of the British Philosophy Foundation

Teach Critical Thinking and Argument Mapping

Critical Thinking Interactive Online Tutorial as part of the Rational online subscription

Think, Learn, Empathize, Argue, and Communicate Well

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慎思明辨 Rationale Education Extra - Argument mapping

Software Online Subscription

Argument Mapping, Critical Thinking, Develop Communication Skills Support...

HK$ 5,200.00
100 ideas for Secondary Teachers: Teaching Philosophy and Ethics

Handbook / Teacher Guide

How do you teach a subject that has...

HK$ 210.00
100 ideas for Primary School Teachers: Developing Thinking Skills

Handbook / Teacher Guide

Thinking skills are the cornerstones of effective learning....

HK$ 182.00
Key Issues: Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Thinking about Thinking in the Early Years Ideas...

HK$ 182.00
Once upon a time an If

Handbook / Teacher Guide


The Storythinking Handbook If you want to tell...

HK$ 280.00
The if Odyssey

Handbook / Teacher Guide

A Philosophical Journey Through Greek Myth and Storytelling...

HK$ 252.00
The if Machine

Handbook / Teacher Guide

Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom Each session in...

HK$ 280.00
Don't Worry Be Happy! Or Else!



Question: Why should you feel so happy? Answer:...

HK$ 120.00
How Cool Are Your Parents? (Or Not)



Question: What can you do when your parents...

HK$ 120.00