3 x AAA micro:bit Battery Holder with on/off switch

Battery Holder



Product Description

This 3 x AAA Battery box features a slide and click cover, built in on/off switch the 150mm leads terminate in a JST connector.

The JST connector is that same type of connector found on the microbit making it an ideal powering solution for your microbit projects.

As the microbit has no on/off switch, the battery box's built in switch will allow you to power off your projects without having to disconnect anything. This will also help to extend the working life of the battery box's JST connector.



  • Batteries are not included 



  • It holds 3 x AAA Batteries.
  • Featuring a slide and click cover and on/off switch.
  • 150mm leads terminating in a JST connector.
  • The on/off switch prevents the need for repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting to manage power.
  • The JST connector makes this an ideal option for powering the micro:bit.



  • 1 x 3AA Battery box with on/off switch, cover and JST connector.



  • Length: 63mm.
  • Width: 37mm.
  • Height:15.5mm.
  • Lead Length: 150mm.





HK$ 13.00