5.0V 130mA Polycrystalline Solar Cell for the Kitronik Environmental Control Board

Solar Cell



Product Description

This solar cell  (when used with 3 x AA Ni-MH 1300mAh Rechargeable Batteries) will provide a renewable power source for the Kitronik Environmental Control Board. Harness the energy of the sun to power your projects.

The Environmental Control Board comes supplied with its own onboard battery holder and also a terminal block for attaching solar cells. This add on  solar cell (plus the 3 x AA Ni-MH 1300mAh rechargeable Batteries which you have to order separately) provides everything you need to take advantage of these features, enabling you to make use of sunlight as a power source. Firstly, insert the batteries and then attach the solar cell to the terminal block with a small screwdriver. No soldering required.


  • This kit provides a renewable power source for the Kitronik Environmental Control Board.
  • No soldering required.
  • Solar Cell Features:
    • Maximum current: 130mA.
    • Maximum power: 0.65W.
  • Rechargeable Batteries Features: (please order separately)
    • The batteries are rechargeable making them a cost-effective and greener way of powering your projects.
    • They have a capacity of 1300mAh and a nominal output of 1.2V.
    • They are of a Nickel Metal Hydride construction.
    • They have no charging memory effect.
    • AA Battery type.


Solar Cell Dimensions:

  • Length: 110mm.
  • Width: 56mm.
  • Thickness: 3mm.



HK$ 69.00