Blue-Bot Programmable TacTile Reader

Bluetooth coding tile and reader



Product Description

A unique and extremely fun way to program Blue-Bot, place your instructions on the tile reader, press go and see Blue-Bot complete the program!

Introducing our very own Blue-Bot TacTile Reader, a unique and alternative way to program your Blue-Bot!

Place your individual tiles in a row to build up a sequence of instructions, press go and see Blue-Bot complete the program.


The tiles can be placed either portrait or landscape depending on how the child wants to lay out their program and if they want to debug their program, simply swap the tiles and press "GO" to try their program again.

Connecting to a Blue-Bot couldn't be easier, turn Blue-Bot on, press connect on the Reader and wait for Blue-Bots eyes to go blue to show it is connected!

Up to three readers can be connected together so children can build a program of up to thirty steps for an exciting alternative to using a tablet.

The tactile reader is a rechargeable unit.

25 TacTiles included.

Starter Pack






Left (90 degree)


Right (90 degree)




Maximise your programming power with the 3 pack. Connect all three up with each other and run a program with up to 30 steps. Design and create complex algorithms and see where Blue-Bot ends up!


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HK$ 857.00