Bubble machine


Product Description

A practical and fun approach to learning about tomorrow's technology. You build, code and the robot gives you light, waves and blows soap bubbles of pure joy!

You need 1 micro: bit(available as an option). Micro.bit can be used on a variety of other construction kits and for various exciting buildings and code projects.

The construction kit contains (1x):

  • 1 piece. MakeKit multi:bit control board
  • 1 piece. Lithium (lipo) battery
  • 1 piece. Bubble:bit frame plywood.
  • 2 pieces of small parts in plywood
  • 1 pcs propellers 
  • 1 piece. Servo w/servo horn
  • 2 pcs. large rubber rings
  • 2 pcs. small rubber rings
  • 1 pcs LED
  • Nuts and bolts
HK$ 280.00