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Product Description

The sensor is designed and optimised to measure carbon dioxide levels found in the air around photosynthesising plants and small, respiring animals. 

The unique disc shape lets the sensor become the lid for respiration chambers or placed on a desk without the need for clamps and stands.

Two ranges:

  • one for detailed work on respiration, environment monitoring and respiration,
  • the other for quantitative work on CO2 levels at high levels. 


Teaching applications:

  • CO2 levels around a photosynthesising plant
  • Demonstrating the density of CO2
  • Respiration in small animals (e.g. insect larvae) at different temperatures
  • Air quality - monitoring CO2
  • Cellular respiration of germinating seeds e.g. peas or beans
  • CO2 level of expired air inspired air

Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Emissions from vehicle exhausts
  • CO2 in composting
  • Elevated CO2 in exercising and post exercise individuals


 Download Carbon Dioxide Sensor Manual  Doc No.: ds078 | Issue: 5


  •  Unique shape allows the unit to form a lid for beakers and conical flasks.
  • The compact design of the sensor uses absorbance of infra red energy by CO2 to measure levels.
  • Provision for pH, conductivity, Oxygen electrode and temperature sensors to pass through sensor body.
  • Ranges make it unsuitable for measurement of CO2 from reactions, the yield form these reactions will quickly overwhelm the sensor limits.
  • M6 threaded support point, mounting rod included.


0 to 10,000 ppm, 0 to 100,000 ppm



Measuring changes in CO2 around a plant (Biology (14-18) eBook)
The investigation uses a Carbon dioxide sensor to monitor the changes in carbon dioxide around a plant. You should easily see a strong relationship between light and CO2. Uses a whole living plant.

Measuring CO2 in a room (why do I yawn?) (Biology (14-18) eBook)
Perhaps the answer to why does everyone start yawning at the same time! 

Measuring CO2 in the environment (Biology (14-18) eBook)
There is a lot of concern at present about the impact of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and how it will affect the climate. What is less obvious to many people is what levels of carbon dioxide are present in their immediate surroundings.Here is an activity to see what is present and how it varies.


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