Cardboard Mono Amplifier Case (for Amp kit), box of 20

Speaker casing - flat pack



Product Description

Quickly house your MP3 Mono Amplifier Project with the Cardboard Mono Amplifier Case. Simply fold the cardboard template into place & fit the amplifier inside.


1.5 minutes video, Cardboard mono amplifier case


This quick assemble box is a fantastic choice for housing your MP3 mono amplifier kit.

Perfect for those times when you want to do an electronics focused practical task without spending weeks on the enclosure. The box is supplied flat and folds up easily. When assembled there is compartment to house the speaker, a seperate compartment for the PCB and another for the batteries. The cardboard case can be painted, varnished, drawn on or covered with fabric creating a high quality sturdy enclosure quickly and effectively.


  • Supplied as a single piece of cardboard that folds into a 3 compartment enclosure for your amplifier project.
  • Supplied as a box of 20 individual Cardboard Mono Amplifier Cases.


  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • Compact and simple 3 compartment design.
  • The plain cardboard is easy to decorate and personalise.


  • 20 x Cardboard Mono Amplifier Case (for Amp kit)

Dimensions: (when assembled)

  • Length: 78mm.
  • Width: 73mm.
  • Height: 74mm.



    HK$ 110.00