Coding with Scratch 3.0 workbook 2


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Coding with Scratch 3.0 workbook 2
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Important:  This workbook features Scratch 3.0 beta edition

60 pages

This booklet (2 of 4) is part of a series that teaches the basic principles of coding. It is meant to be used with the other workbooks in the same coding series in the format of a course. Each worksheet represents a chapter of a manageable size that does not intimidate the young student and allows space for making notes and answering quizzes.

The series is suitable for any child who can already write and read. It is recommended for grades 2 and up. There are no other pre-requisites. This is an absolute beginner’s guide and as such may not be suitable for students of intermediate coding knowledge who need less guidance. If the student has just began using a computer, this is definitely the right book to start with.The step-by-step instructions make the process easy to follow. It leads students from the creation of the Scratch project to the understanding of loops, variables, motion, position of coordinates on the screen, and other concepts that are necessary for developing a coding mindset.

The workbook can be used either by the student at home, parented or otherwise. Alternately, teachers can use it as a great tool to support a larger group in the school classroom or extracurricular coding clubs.

Scratch is a visual tool, and thus this book too had to be made consistent to provide a visual way of learning and becoming proficient with the coding workflows. Learning how to code is a fun and exciting way to practice one’s focus and attention. Students will pick up several mathematical concepts and mindsets unavoidably without even noticing they are learning.Additionally, students who do not have much experience with computers will find this book easier to follow as the topics are explored thoroughly.

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