GL1 Titan's Gauntlets




Product Description

Books 1 - 10

A gripping quest story. Finn has been chosen to stop the evil Winged One from destroying the world.

Introduces alternative vowel and consonant spellings and common Latin suffixes.

Readers can progress to Talisman 2 which follows the same phonic sequence but with additional alternative spellings and more text per page.

Set of ten books introducing further alternative vowel and consonant spellings, and common Latin Suffixes.

Book 1: ‘ue’: u, ue, u-e
Book 2: ‘u’: u, o, ou
Book 3: ‘s’: s, ss, se, c, ce
Book 4: ‘l’: l, ll, le, al
Book 5:‘j’: j, g, ge
Book 6: ‘f’: f, ff, ph
Book 7: ‘cher’: ture
Book 8: ‘shun’: tion
Book 9: ‘shul’: cial, tial
Book 10: ‘zhun’: sion


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