Grove - Integrated Pressure Sensor Kit (MPX5700AP)




Product Description

Grove - Integrated Pressure Sensor Kit (MPX5700AP) is made for measuring pressure in the range of 15Kpa to 700Kpa, which is perfectly suitable for making your own Arduino air pressure measurement system.

This module is ideally suited for building your Arduino pressure measurement system. We include an injector and a rubber tube in this kit, with the help of the Grove analog connector and the Arduino Code we offered, all you need to do is plug and download, then just enjoy it. 



  • 2.5% Maximum Error over 0° to 85°C
  • Available in Absolute, Differential and Gauge Configurations
  • Patented Silicon Shear Stress Strain Gauge
  • Durable Epoxy Unibody Element

Part List 

  • Grove - Integrated Pressure Sensor board x1
  • 20cm Grove Cable x1
  • 55cm rubber tube x1
  • Injector x1

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HK$ 355.00