Teaching Speaking and Listening

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Teaching Speaking and Listening
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About Teaching Speaking and Listening

Teaching Speaking and Listening is a fully revised edition of the successful language-teaching programme One Step at a Time, providing new material and advice for teachers and more flexible procedures for use in mainstream schools, pre-schools and individual classrooms.

This book targets the essential spoken language skills crucial for every child's educational development - conversation; listening; narrative; discussion - and provides auditing tools, checklists and guidance to help the non-specialist teacher to build language, literacy and communication skills.

This resource is specially designed to combine with other teaching programmes, making spoken language teaching manageable within existing resources - without specialist training. It provides detailed learning objectives, advice on teaching methods, suggestions for teaching activities, and guidance on literacy links, together with an online training pack. Teachers, teaching assistants, literacy coordinators and SENCOs working in the early years and primary, and anyone working with children of any age with spoken language difficulties will find this resource invaluable.

  • Introduction 
  • How to Use This book 
  • List of Resource and Website Materials 
1. Why Spoken Language Matters 
2. Learning and Teaching Spoken Language 
3. Managing Language Teaching in the Classroom 
4. Identifying the Issues and Building the Skills One Step at a Time 
5. Getting Started 
6. Conversation Skills 
7. Listening Skills 
8. Narrative Skills 
9. Discussion Skills 
10. Teaching Vocabulary 
11. Managing the Programme on a Whole-School Basis 
12. Training and Induction 
  • Appendix 1: A summary of the development of language and communication from birth to 19 years 
  • Appendix 2: Vocabulary checklist 
  • Appendix 3: Sample auditing and planning sheets 
  • References 
  • Index
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