Making the Most of Reclaimed and Natural Materials

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Making the Most of Reclaimed and Natural Materials
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About Making the Most of Reclaimed and Natural Materials

Reclaimed and natural materials, in all their variety of colours, shapes, sizes, textures and origins, are fascinating and intriguing to children of all ages! This book has been specifically written to celebrate the wonderful ideas and theories that babies and young children demonstrate on a daily basis, as they play and explore the world around them.

Each of the scenarios in this book, accompanied by stunning full colour photographs, shows how the use of reclaimed and natural materials can support play and active learning, exploration and investigation and creativity and critical thinking across the six areas of learning of the Early Years Foudation Stage.

Through easily understood text and colour photographs, this book provides both photographic and written support for early years professionals wishing to develop their understanding of: - the role of the creative practitioner - a creative learning environment - child-initiated and adult- led experiences - the value of open- ended resources - the use of photographs in observational assessment 


Linda Thornton

Linda Thornton has over thirty years experience in education as a teacher, headteacher, adviser and lead officer for early years. She is passionate about developing children's thinking and learning, valuing creative learning environments and encouraging educators to think about the 'why' as well as the 'how' in their approach to teaching. Linda is a director of alc associates and currently provides consultancy and training for local authorities across the UK. She is the author of several Little Books, of 'Understanding the Reggio Approach', 'Bringing the Reggio Approach to your early years practice', 'Taking the Lead' and 'Science Matters'.

Writes: Little Books, Understanding the world, Outdoor Learning, Cross-curricular Teaching

Author of : The Little Book of Light and Shadow, Making the Most of Outdoor Learning, Making the Most of Reclaimed and Natural Materials, Making the Most of Light and Mirrors, The Little Book of Treasure Boxes, The Little Book of the Seasons, In Our Bathroom Activity Cards, In Our Garden Activity Cards, In Our Kitchen Cards, The Little Book of Living Things, The Little Book of Time and Place

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