:MOVE mat line following and activity maps - A1 size

Floor Mat



Product Description

The :MOVE mat line following and activity maps - A1 size is an accessory for :MOVE Motor, :MOVE mini . It can be used just for fun, or as part of a project in the classroom. The mat is double-sided, with a line following track on one side and a mock-up of a town on the other.


The line following side offers an attractive alternative to having to create a track by hand. No more fighting with a roll of tape and no more cleaning up adhesive residue afterwards. Level up your line following game today!

The town mock-up side provides a great place to set up traffic projects, where other props can be used. Things such as LAMP:bit, STOP:bit, and also ACCESS:bit can be utilised to great effect.

The mat is A1 in size, which is a generous 594mm x 841mm. When not in use it can either be stored flat or folded up.


  • A double-sided accessory mat for :MOVE Motor for micro:bit and Edison V2 robot.
  • Great for use at home and in the classroom.
  • On one side there is a line following track and on the other a town mock-up.
  • No more creating line following tracks with tape and no more clean-up afterwards.
  • Create town projects, utilising Kitronik traffic calming type props.
  • When not in use it can be stored flat.


  • 1 x :MOVE mat line following and activity maps - A1 size.


  • Length: 841mm.
  • Width: 594mm.
HK$ 40.00