Ohbot (with course materials)




Product Description

Ohbot is a seven motor programmable robot head. 20 cm tall.

Ohbots 'sense' spoken words and recognise faces and movements. They can be programmed to 'think' using either a graphical block programming language or Python textual language.

Ohbots 'act' using motors and sound. They can be made to look around, blink and smile. Each servo can be set to a precise position and they can speak by converting words into sound. ​Ohbot's speech comes from speakers or headphones attached to a computer.

Ohbots have to stay connected to a computer via a USB cable to work.

Comes with 4 users license of the softwareOrder more licenses if needed.

 Getting started with Ohbot guide

Visit this Ohbot App blocks guide page https://community.ohbot.co.uk/ohbothelp/help40.html

To use the AI features, you need to download the Ohbot App 2 beta version: https://www.ohbot.co.uk/ohapp2.html

Summary of the new tools in Ohbot App Two

Visit here  https://www.ohbot.co.uk/ai.html for guide

Download OhBot ChatGPT sample code

HK$ 2,180.00