Paper Drill with 3 cutters

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Maun Industries

Product Description

For making holes in card or corrugated plastic where the office punch and single-hole punch do not reach!

You can use this tool for drilling holes up to 6mm diameter in various materials up to 8mm thick.   Comes with 3, 4 & 6mm Ø Drills

Cutting is achieved by applying light pressure onto the drill by placing the palm of the hand over the spherical cap, and, at the same time, moving the wrist to rotate the drill slowly back and forth.

Although designed for paper and card, the drill is particularly effective on cloth, PVC, polythene and other soft materials, which can otherwise be difficult to cut cleanly. With an 8mm depth of cut, many sheets of thinner materials can be drilled in one operation.

The advantage of using this product is that drilling can commence anywhere on the material. The slugs are collected inside the hollow body and are cleared by unscrewing the spherical cap. When using the drill, the material should be supported on a block of wood, to avoid either damage to the punch, or to the work top. Try to keep the axis of the drill vertical when drilling the full 8mm depth.

The drill is available in three diameters - 3mm, part number 1010-003, 4mm, part number 1010-004, and 6mm, part number 1010-006. Replacement drill bits are available in packs of 10 3mm, part number 1010-103, 4mm, part number 1010-104, and 6mm, part number 1010-106. 

HK$ 302.00