Science in the Early Years

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Science in the Early Years
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About Science in the Early Years Foundation Stage

This book looks at and challenge the traditional teaching views of science and aims to show how scientific exploration and thinking are at the heart of child led, child-centered EYFS provision. The EYFS asks that practitioners help children to become active learners who are inquisitive and have a thirst for new knowledge. This book will aim to show how scientific exploration, as an integral part of play based learning, can offer children these skills and develop their confidence to learn and independently explore the world around them.

As an experienced early years trainer Kirstine's passion is science (her teaching degree is in primary science education) and she believe that this book could help build early years practitioners confidence in offering science based learning. She hopes that this book will take away some of the 'stuffed shirt mystery' of science and show that it is at the heart of good early years practice!

Kirstine Beeley

Kirstine Beeley is an ex-teacher with experience across a range of early years, primary and special needs settings. Now working as an independent trainer and writer, this working mum has a heart felt passion for child-centred early years and primary learning. The creator of the Empathy Dolls Approach, she now works closely with childminders and nursery and primary school staff for local authorities across the United Kingdom to promote children's emotional development, independence, and positive mental health.

Writes: Early Years, Mathematics, Understanding the world, Characteristics of Effective Learning, Fantastic Things, For Parents and Childminders, Practitioners' Guides, Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Author of : 50 Fantastic Ideas for Maths Outdoors, 50 fantastic ideas for Science Outdoors, 50 Fantastic things to do with a water tray, 50 Fantastic things to do with paint, 50 Fantastic things to do with a sand tray, Parent's Survival Guide to Starting School, 50 Fantastic things to do with squidgy stuff, Science in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Using the Empathy Dolls Approach

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