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Product Description

Jewel Spinning Top

Large coloured spinning tops with inserted sparkling jewel stones, ideal for small children due to their easy handling.

In this game the children can make first experiences with

  • optical phenomena
  • colour mixture 
  • physical laws, e.g. rotation

in addition to the promotion of motor skills and visual perception.

Delivery without any decorative accessories, provided they are not part of the product!

Each pack comes with

  • a Rotary disc made of birch plywood, colour stained and lacquered, 
  • Jewel stones made of plastic.

Size of rotary disc:

Diameter: Ø 23 cm,

Thickness: 1.5 cm

When turning the spinning top you will be amazed at the fascinating interplay of the colours.

Depending on the speed of the rotation, the lacquered surfaces merge to varying degrees and magically new images are visible again and again.

HK$ 287.00